• What is Specter?
    • Specter provides the real employee references by employers
    • Corporate customers can reduce hiring failure rates dramatically
    • References are highly reliable as they are provided by corporate representatives*
      * Top managements for HR - CEOs, C-level executives, HR Directors, etc.
  • How do I use Specter?
    • English site to be launched in December
    • Until then, please contact us via email for registration
      * Specter email address : hi@specter.co.kr
    • Registered corporate customers can write and/or view employee references
  • Why should I use Specter?
    • 1,000,000 KRW promotion credits for leaving the first reference
      * Credits can be used to view references
    • Easily access verified references of applicants/interviewees
      * All the references are provided by validated corporate representatives
Any Questions?
Please contact us for any questions and/or comments via: